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What Has Gone Wrong At Jimmy Swaggart Ministries? [Part 2]


Good day everyone! Never did I think that I will ever have to write on the subject of what the title of this message implies. I have of course since Part 0ne [1] was penned and posted about a year ago, had plenty of feed back. Some of course very negative, obviously from people who are of the opinion that I am out of line. Some ugly things have been said to me about the subject matter. Claims that I am not being Christ-like, and even that I am jealous of the JSM. As recently as this past two-months some dear lady by the name of Glenda Harris, has accused me of being a false prophet among other things.

Then of course there have been e-mails that have been very positive in their communication and folks who have shared their concern about what they see and feel is wrong at JSM: By that I mean a lot of error has crept in as far as the teaching of the Cross is concerned. Not withstanding the standard of the Praise and Worship ministry that has deteriorated. For these observations of these dear people I cannot apologise for, and neither do I apologise for who and what I am. Of course these folks who have lambasted me are not the only one’s, as I have just as recently as 22\23 August 2007, received some e-mails from two [2] atheists. So let me share with you what these two brother-atheists had to say to me. About a year ago I received several e-mails from the one character who goes by the name of ‘Delbert is God, Rashkovsky’, who had some unpleasant things to say about the FMHCCI-website ministry. After communicating several e-mails back and forth he stopped for several months, until recently I felt led to write him again.

Date: Wed, 22 August 2.38pm EDT
Subject: Re: Check out Delbert McClinton

So Delbert,

Have you made a decision for the Messiah to serve Him, or are you still on your trip to a lost eternity without Christ. Be assured my friend there is a God and He loves you.


Date: Wed, 22Aug 2007: 15: 09: EDT
Subject: Re: Fw: Check out Delbert McClinton

You idiot, my name isn’t Delbert. My name is Michael and you better be nice to me because I am a Jew. Anyway, Christ is a fairy tale. Religion is for goofy people and you are out of your mind. Here’s some fun—watch Jimmy Swaggart on television Sundays – always good for a laugh. See, every stupid jerk in the whole world that needs a crutch to prop him up through life has a religion, and they are all different and they think theirs is the only one that’s right. Where does God live you fool? Heaven is in your mind. If you write me again, I will just block you so don’t bother. Satan is on my side douche-bag. I’m sending this to my friends so they can hound you.

Delbert is God

As promised Delbert\Michael whoever, had one of his friends mail [hound] me, and this is what the friend said.

‘Holy crap’ Michael--who is this fellow? Remind me to set up a hotdog stand outside the “Village Idiot Convention”; because when it lets out- I’ll make a mint.

Rex “Jesus loves me and John the Baptist operates the camcorder” Strother

I then responded to this Rex fellow:

Sent: Thursday, Aug 23, 2007 4:30pm
To: Strother Rex
Subject: Re: Fw: Check out Delbert McClinton

Rex Strother,

Sir, Curse all you want to, but from the truth you and Michael will not be able to hide, run or even ignore it. The God that you mock and curse is the One who created Satan that fallen angel who will like you one day soon bow his knee, and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. The only reward you will receive from Satan your master is a lost eternity, but Jesus can and wants to give you eternal life with Him. My Saviour Jesus Christ conquered the devil [Satan] on the Cross of Calvary.

God loves you

William [a child of the King of the Universe]

Of course Mr Strother responded very sarcastically;

Date: Thurs 23 Aug 2007 08:34:11-600
Subject: Re: Fw: Check out Delbert McClinton

Dear William- Prince of the Universe

I do love baiting Christians.

You’re a nitwit- I’m an atheist- I accept neither Jesus, God nor Satan. You and I will both live in the dirt- as worm food and the rest of life will go on as long as our sun is warm.

Until then rather than waste your revered breath on me or Delbert- I would recommend picking up the trash whenever you feel the urge. It really makes the neighbourhood look nice.


So what do you think of that. Does it call for a further response from me? I don’t think so, other than that these two atheist-brothers will have to give an account of what they have said, and without a doubt they will one day soon bow their knees to the One person who can save them from a lost eternity, Jesus Christ. Let me confirm this with scripture. In Isaiah Chapter 45: 22+23[KJV], God says to them who have bowed to graven images of wood, `look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is none else [v22], I have sworn by myself, the word gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear [v23].` In Romans 14: 11+12 [KJV], “For it is written, as I live saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall shall confess to God [11]; so then every one of us shall give an account of himself to God [v12]. In Philippians 2:9-11, the Apostle Paul concludes, `Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him, and given Him a name which is above every name [v9]; that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in the earth, and things under the earth [v10]; and that every tongue should confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father [v11].` Can this be any clearer, that the two ‘atheist brothers’ will definitely, without a doubt have to one day soon bow their knee and acknowledge Jesus Christ is Lord of all.? YES! YES! YES!

But lets return to the matter at hand; why I mentioned the two ‘atheists’ in this writing and what have they got to do with the subject of JSM. Basically nothing at all, except the statement that Delbert made. “Here’s some fun - watch Jimmy Swaggart on TV Sundays—always good for a laugh. WOW, what a statement! This is what the world thinks of JSM, and atheists at that. I suppose one can come to the conclusion that these people watch the JSM-telecast, and then as is obvious they come to the conclusion, ‘its good for a laugh’.

Whereas once the JSM was thought of as a powerful force in not only the church world, but also by the secular world and the media, nowadays it is thought of as, ‘it’s good for a laugh’.

Let me just pause for a moment and put forth to the readers my feelings concerning the JSM. As I have mentioned in other writings, that I have personally followed the JSM [not JS] for close on 30 years; with great respect for the uncompromising manner in which the gospel has been preached, and the special anointed music\singing of Jimmy Swaggart and also the Praise and Worship Team of yester-year.

Let me assure the reader that the messages written on this website is not done with animosity, anger, ridicule or even jealousy as some have accused me of. But rather from a heart that is sad and hurting, a heart that goes out to the hundreds who were part of this once powerful ministry, but have left because they were hurt by the Jimmy Swaggarts. Now I know that whoever reads this will immediately be in uproar, and will start sharpening the knives to cut me up.

I have no desire to humiliate the Swaggart-ministry, but I believe strongly that some things must be said, and ‘the truth must be told’, concerning these matters, because as the saying goes “the truth will set you free”. I recently had a conversation with someone who knows [on the 11th August to be exact], and I made this statement; ‘In other words the image that people see on the FWC-platform via television\DVD is not a reflection of what goes on behind closed doors at JSM? And the answer to that question was affirmative. A lady from Canada, Anna Nagy, who has been a follower\supporter of JSM for many years, has been corresponding with this writer for some months now, sharing with me the hurt that she has gone through, because of the way that she has been treated in her correspondence with JSM. She recently told me this, Brother William; the ministry of JS is getting more confusing by the day I just wonder if they know it? And JS does not want to have a ministry like he had 15 years ago. Let me share with you the reason for Anna making that statement.

On the 14th August 2007, the Wednesday evening service at FWC, JS was telling the people about the big church\ministry that he had during the 1980’s, and how the Lord was saving souls. But then JS made this statement if I remember correctly; now you may ask! don’t you miss it at all? And JS said, honestly: No!! Not at all!! WOW!!! This man who claims to be called by God to be an evangelist, to preach the gospel without compromise, has the Lord changed His mind, and told JS he can’t have a big ministry anymore? Does Jimmy Swaggart even realise the implications of his statement. Folks the bottom line is JS is telling Jesus who called him to be an evangelist that He is unable to restore JSM to its former glory. That statement is an insult to our Lord. I for one would like to see the JSM doing a great work for God, but sadly folks this will never be.

Ok, so whatever is being penned here in this message will either wake you up and take notice, or you will get very angry at me for daring to write these things. I believe that God Almighty would have me share with many of you who love JSM and the work of God, that which His Word declares in Luke 8v17, `For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad.`[KJV]. The simple matter of this scripture is the fact as Matthew Henry explains in his commentary. “Ministers that have the dispensing of the gospel committed to them, people that have profited by the word and are thereby qualified to profit others [is MH speaking of financial-profit], must look upon themselves as lighted candles: ministers must in solemn authoritative preaching, and people in brotherly discourse, diffuse their light, for a candle must not be covered with a vessel nor put under a bed: Ministers and Christians are to be lights in the world, holding forth the word of life. Their light must shine before men; they must not only be good but do good.

We must expect what is now done in secret and from unseen springs, will shortly be manifested and made known. Let that which is now hid be made known, for, if it be not manifested by you it will be manifest against you, will be produced in evidence of your treachery. Men do not seem to have what they do not use, and shows of religion will be lost and forfeited. Let us see to it that we have grace in sincerity, the root of the matter found in us; that is a good part which shall never be taken away from those that have it.”

Dear reader in the plain and simple of what the above verse states, as Matthew Henry explains so clearly is that which you and I do in secret [acts of deceitfulness and unrighteousness], will be brought into the light for the world to see. Let me say this that preachers of the gospel, who have big churches\or mega-television ministries and who are raking in the big money, have an obligation to God Almighty, the church-members who support them [financially] and to their communities must be above reproach. In other words I believe that preachers must be accountable to all the persons mentioned here, as to how there money [which in reality is God’s money] is spent. For the simple reason, that money does not belong to the preacher, or the preacher’s wife, or the preacher’s children; that money belongs to the work of God.

Now let me begin by saying what Donnie Swaggart so boldly says at times from the FWC-platform. ‘I’m going to be saying some things, and call some names, and it will get hot. Now before you all go jumping off the deep end about calling names. The Word of God does allow the calling of names, especially when His children are doing wrong and misusing God’s flock for their own gain. Let me direct the reader to the Evangelist magazine of the JSM. On page 13 of the January 2007 copy is an article written by Frances Swaggart on this subject. And seeing that she gives scripture to prove her case, I reckon one can do the same.

Do the FWC-church members and the JSM supporters realise that JS claimed to the church that they need $500, 000 to repair the roof of FWC, and pleaded with people to help them. The roof was of course damaged by Hurricane Katrina that did so much damage to the coastline. What he failed to tell the people was that the insurance-company paid JSM $250,000 toward the damages. So I ask the question, what did they need $500,000 for and what happened to the other $250,000? Or did it really cost $500,000 to fix the roof. Can someone explain to me? This is what they call tricks of the trade and a twisting of words to get what they want.

Those of you who have read the April 2007 Evangelist-magazine, will have read on pp 30\32 about a New Law that has been passed by the US Government applicable to persons 70 years and older who have Savings-Accounts. There is a limit of $100,000 per person to where your retirement money can be used, with no taxes owed whatsoever. What boggles my mind is that JS has no scruples as to the point of begging, asking elderly people who have worked a lifetime so they can have a decent easy and restful retirement, now to give their hard earned cash, as JS so graciously puts it; ‘there are some people who have more retirement money than they actually need; consequently, due to the new law, if that is the case with you, you can be of great benefit to the Work of God. If you are interested, and would like more information, please call the Ministry. We’ve done it for others, and we’ll do it for you gladly. To be sure if you have money to spare, in other words money that you don’t need, as I think would be obvious, we desperately need the help.”

This coming from a man who himself is a millionaire several times over. This coming from a man who lives in a multi-million dollar estate? Why does he not use his own money? Let me assure the reader that countless former members\employees from JSM have spoken to us via telephone or e-mail. And they have shared their stories of hurt and abuse, about a ministry and a man whom they have loved dearly, the man Jimmy Swaggart. Sometime ago this same man said over television\Sonlife Radio that any one who comes close to him will somehow get hurt.

Ok let’s turn our attention to the General Manager of JSM, Frances Swaggart, keeping in mind that we will continue writing about JS as we go along. Without a doubt this lady is the ‘power’ behind the throne. Frances Swaggart was not content to be just the faithful help-mate of a much anointed\blessed man called by God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. It is not only my opinion but that of many people within their own ranks, and the church-world at large, and even the secular-media that at just the right moment\time of the scandals the opportunity arose for Frances to take full control not only of JSM but also control of her husband Jimmy. Those of you who have maybe read author Barbara Nauer’s book, Jimmy Swaggart-Dead Man Rising will read more of Barbara’s first-hand experience as she herself saw the cruel-control that Frances Swaggart displays over JSM employees. Let me remind the reader again that I will be saying some things that will make you angry if you are a regular FWC-member or out of State supporter. But the truth must be told of what goes on behind closed doors at JSM.

As one former member\employee told us here at FMHCCI, that JSM must be exposed for what they really are as they have preyed upon others far to long. They have mistreated people to the point of being fired and being unemployed, totally ignoring the Labour-laws of the USA. People who have loved JSM; and who gave up good market-related jobs to work for much less to be a part of this world-wide ministry, and because they loved Jimmy Swaggart. Of course who does the firing; none other than the so-called General Manager of JSM, Frances Swaggart. Of course the firing gets done with JS knowledge but him not doing anything about it, even when people are innocent. Another former member\employee says this; JSM is ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. The problem is knowing who is behind what mirror blowing smoke. They have many eyes and ears working for them.

Frances Swaggart is not only power hungry, but very much money hungry. She cannot stand to see others have any wealth or success unless she gets her part. No amount of money will ever make her happy, because she doesn’t think people should make a decent living if they are associated with JSM.

The reader must keep in mind the ‘lady’ lives in a multi-million dollar estate; therefore because of her position as General Manager she makes herself like she is someone by oppressing others with fear and intimidation. She has never done anything for anyone without asking for something in return especially loyalty. The leadership at JSM really do believe they are above the Law, both man’s and God’s. Frances Swaggart actually has the notion\belief that she doesn’t have to pay bills owed if they are not Christians in her eyes.

By now the reader has probably come to the conclusion that I have lost it, for making these revealing statements, but let me assure you I have not lost anything.

In 2006 a book came out that was supposedly authored by Frances Swaggart. The book is called “Catholicism: A Modern Babylon.” For close on a year every month there was a so-called teaching on the said subject of the book mentioned here in the magazine, the Evangelist. And the person who did all the research work on those articles was John Rosenstern, who does all Frances’s materials for her program on Sonlife Radio. Now why does Frances take all the credit for research that someone else does? Her name appears on the cover of said book as the author. Did John Rosenstern get the necessary royalty money for his part in the writing or research work for this book? I don’t think so. Speaking of John Rosenstern, I wonder if things are still well within his marriage?

What about Nikki Tracy, who is one of Frances’s most loyal spies. She is of course personal assistant to Jimmy Swaggart, and knows too much about what goes on behind closed doors, that is why she is protected by Frances.

Because Nikki Tracy knows so much, Frances will even turn against Donnie, Gabe Swaggart , and others even when there are\were witnesses as to Nikki’s wrong doing.

Let me share a personal story. A pastor friend of mine visited FWC in 2001 for 4TH July Camp meeting. On two occasions my friend had dinner with JS and some of the JSM staff members. If I recall correctly it was on the 2nd occasion that Frances Swaggart and her mother arrived at the restaurant. My friend told me he took an instant dislike to Frances because her attitude was one of arrogance and he came to the conclusion that she definitely “wears the pants.” Shortly thereafter Donnie arrived at the restaurant, and this is what my friend had to say about Donnie. He is arrogant just like his mother! I have no reason whatsoever to doubt my friend as he has also been a follower of JSM [not JS], and also a great musician.

Ok, let move to the ‘crown prince’ and heir apparent to the JSM. I earlier made a comment of what Donnie Swaggart say’s when he is about to preach or browbeat other churches and ministers or whoever he has focused his attention on that apparently do not live up to their [JSM] measurement of the Bible or gospel. Let me draw the reader’s attention to a Camp Meeting Service where the subject of his sermon was, “Enemies of the Cross”. At this particular meeting Donnie Swaggart called some names, accusing other ministers of false teachings and apostasy. I do not have a problem with that, if it’s necessary. In 2005, 4th July Camp meeting which this reader attended, it was the 30th June evening service and he again made certain statements.

Donnie speaking: “As a minister of the gospel I have a divine appointment and responsibility to encourage, to re-enforce that which is right, and condemn that which is wrong. So I’m going to say this upfront. What I’m going to bring tonight is hot, some are going to get mad even in this building tonight”. I mentioned these two instances to show the reader that Jimmy and Donnie reserve themselves the right to rebuke, correct, reproof and attack other preachers of the gospel or churches. But they themselves refuse to accept any godly correction from god-fearing men of God. For several years now godly people called of the Lord have spoken ‘thus saith the Lord’ to the Swaggart’s but they have stubbornly refused to accept this, claiming these people are prophets of Baal. Click onto and read more on this.

Recently Donnie Swaggart separated from his 2nd wife, obviously with the intention of getting divorced. This somehow proves the intent of his life/heart. Of course as always the Swaggarts are covering it up again, or speaking spreading lies like when Donnie divorced his first wife Debbie saying she has rejected the Cross. The church members at FWC are once again left in darkness, to guess and wonder what’s going on. The usual attitude of, ‘it’s none of your business.’

To the reader and all FWC members and supporters I pose this question. If Donnie Swaggart is truly called of God, then how come he intends to divorce his wife, when this same called-man of God does a lot of preaching on forgiveness and restoration and not judging others? And that even after Judy Swaggart has expressed her willingness to counselling, to allow restoration and reconciliation of their marriage, Of course I know that you are not aware that Donnie has denied her this because he demanded the separation, and denies Judy even any contact with him. Is this the action of a man called of God to be an evangelist, and who preaches about forgiveness? If this is true then Donnie Swaggart is manipulating his church members and others to suit his needs?

Dear reader, FWC members and supporters, I believe by now that you have read in disbelief all that I have shared with you. Once again I must emphasize my intent is only to tell the truth as it is shared with me. Like I said earlier in this writing that, ‘the truth be told as the truth will set you free.’ I do this with hope and prayer that someone’s eyes will open up to what really goes on behind closed doors at JSM. I believe there is more to come as this drama unfolds for a follow up to part two of this message. Until then I ask all who read this, and truly have a love for JSM keep on praying for them.

William Cook.


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