Covenant With Jezebel
And Witchcraft In The Church!


The church world of today is deep into apostasy. It is the calling of Believers to stand up and expose this darkness in the Christian Church. The following Word from God, as given through Clo DiPilato, is likewise directing us into this great end-time battle.



Print/PDFWord of the Lord on May 20, 2003


God is getting ready to expose witchcraft at the very highest levels in the Church. There will be no hiding from the penetration of the bright floodlights coming upon this blackness of darkness spawned out of hell against the flock of God.


What is this bleating of sheep the Lord is hearing in His ears? It is the cry of those who have been plundered and robbed and snared and stolen from because of witchcraft at the highest levels of spiritual authority. Those who should have protected the sheep from being prey to the wiles of the devil to rob, kill, steal and destroy have been the very instruments of gross cruelty and oppression.


Because they've loved their own vanities and exalted themselves through their own flatteries and been blinded by their own ambitions they've tread under foot the poor of the flock and muddied the rivers which could have been flowing pure and clear to minister life and healing to the people of God.


Their witchcraft is unto Me as a sin of rebellion because when I dealt with them and pleaded with them to deny the self life and deny the propensity towards building monuments unto man and when I dealt with them to come apart to Me instead of seeking to service the systems of man they chose to obey their own lusts and desires for recognition more than they desired to obey Me. They desired more for themselves than they desired to receive from Me that there might be meat and drink in My house for the people of God.


And now those things which they have builded according to their own waywardness of spirit and their own lusts for power have not been built on the solid Rock, Christ Jesus, but it's been built on the faulty foundations of self-exalting prophecies and self-perpetuating prophecies, and it shall be brought down.


These mountains of the shrines of man built unto that false prophetess Jezebel for the glories of Baal shall be torn down before the true highway of holiness built unto the glory of the Lord shall be seen. Do you think "Jezebel" means that person who opposes your ambitious church-ministry agenda, and seems to criticize your efforts at every turn making it difficult for you to get your program off the ground?? What a lie of the devil perpetrated against the people of God! It is WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.


The spirit of Jezebel is that wickedness issuing forth in your soul demanding you kill anything or anyone off that doesn't readily service your lust and ambition for more recognition and power and place over the people of God. Jezebel feeds on your own wicked lust for power until righteous judgment and mercy and wisdom is subverted. Have no part of the spirit!! Throw her over the wall and let her be trampled under foot, and let the dogs lick her blood up off the ground. She is out to destroy you.


She is not some annoying person in your church. She is a SPIRIT out to destroy your own ability to deal in wisdom and mercy with God's people!! Do not be ignorant of the spirit of Jezebel because she is at work to destroy lives, to destroy churches and she is NOT working through discontented and grumbling saints. She is working through overly ambitious and self-absorbed ministries salivating after vineyards I have never even remotely had in mind to give them for possession.


Priests and prophets have entered into covenant to fleece the sheep of God. The people have forsaken their right by the true discerning of spirits to prove all things by rightly dividing the word of truth because they have been terrorized by the spirit of witchcraft, rebellion against the highest authority which belongs to God and God Almighty alone.


The people are now corrupted by the same infestations of little foxes spoiling the pure vines which would have issued forth the wine of communion unto obedience to their Saviour They gulp down the wine of astonishment without question: It is an astonishing thing to believe the gospel which was purchased at so great a price as the blood of Jesus could be perverted by the lusts of men with antichrist spirits wishing to rule over the people of God as if they ARE God, when they are NOT God, and just mere men who need to obey the voice of the Lord in order that they might truly lead God's people beside all still waters and in and out of the green pastures that their souls might be fed.


The very wicked shepherds that demand obeisance of the flock and demand obedience and surrender of the flock and demand submission from the flock have been lulled into a stupor of basking and lounging in their own sense of self-importance while as hypocrites they neglect My voice speaking to them in the secret place that they must forsake all and take up their own Crosses to wholly follow Me. They are like the Pharisees demanding things of the people of God, yet refusing to hear MY voice to them speaking the very same things!


The true minister of My kingdom will come unto Me without the Camp, bearing My reproach. He will separate himself from all corrupting flatteries and refuse to eat the meat and delicacies of the banqueting tables of Babylon so that My true and righteous reign can be seen throughout My Church.


I am face to face now with My servants, and I have been pleading in the secret place with My servants to be a vessel that would connect My people to Me and My glory rather than to a ministry, or a system or a gift or a program. But My servants have not had ears to hear, and now I will shake.


I have been shaking, but I am going to intensify the shakings and when I get through shaking those who have had even a little pure ounce of desire for Me shall be restored and shall stand in robes of white, the fine linen of the righteousness of saints, but those who have given themselves wholly to the witchcraft in My house shall be wiped off the scene and many shall marvel and ask where they have gone? But they shall not be found because I have removed them.


I take it as a serious offense when My servants feel they can come between Myself and My people, and use and manipulate My flock that I purchased with the blood of My son for their own selfish gains. It is enough. It is enough. It is enough, and as surely as I live and as surely as I am God, I am laying now the axe to the root of the tree of witchcraft in My Church.


What is that witchcraft at the highest level? It is that spirit of Jezebel, that wicked spirit that leads My servants to believe they have rights to the flock and their possessions when they themselves are refusing to come into obedience to My word personally to them to FORSAKE ALL to follow Me where ever I may lead them!!


Decades, even decades, I have had My servants in places I would have long time ago called them out of, and I did call them out, but they refused to move because they were more concerned about appearing personally to be a failure than they were concerned about obeying Me! And that root of disobedience has wreaked havoc in their flocks, and caused devouring spirits to be unleashed into the flock at every turn.


If the root is holy, so will the branch be holy! If you are seeing the devilish and diabolical spirits of rebellion, and jealousy and division and troubles and witchcraft consider the root!!


What's at the root of the tree? The roots of rebellion and witchcraft in My house are watered by the flatterings of perpetual flows of prophecies exalting and vaunting the self-life of a ministry after the order of Hophni and Phineas, and the weak-willed fathers have not had strength to chastise and deal with this root spawned of Belial, but now I am raising up men of God, and sending forth true men of God who will not fear to speak My word.


And then I am raising up My servant Samuel and preparing him, and DEATH is coming to the sloppy and self-serving order of Eli's house, and Ichabod is being written across the door, and My glory is departing from the houses great and fair that have been built as monuments to the ambitions of man, and I will place the light of My true presence, and the burning Lamp of My glory upon a remnant, upon a People who have sought me and obeyed Me, and loved Me from the heart not caring about the price they must pay, or the personal ambition they must lay down, in order that My Son, who is highly exalted and favored by Me because He was willing to be obedient unto death, EVEN the death of the Cross, would receive the glory and the praise that others have tried to steal from Him.


I am offended!! I am the Almighty God, and I am highly offended when others seek to steal the glory and the praise and the recognition from My Son, but it's been done again and again and again, and now the cup of iniquity is full of this sin in My Church, and I have had enough of it, and the glory and the honor and the praise WILL BE RIGHTFULLY RETURNED to My Son, and My Son alone!!


This order of rule by witchcraft is going to pass away. I am going to expose it at it's roots. I am going to show where the paradigm shifts have even occurred in past decades that caused my people to go so astray. I am going to expose those things which caused the focus to be removed from the throne of My holiness where My people would willingly lay down the self-life in order to love and serve Me and transferred into the pulpits to serve the ambitions of mere flawed men who have been redeemed by My blood NOT so they could be a god to the people, but so they could lead My people to the fountain opened for sin and uncleanness in the house of David where a priesthood might wash themselves from all filthiness of flesh and spirit!


Are not ALL My people kings and priests unto Me? My servants have not led My people unto Me. They have led them to broken cisterns that can hold no water. They have led My people to themselves and their programs, and now I am saying it is enough, and as much as you may scramble and strive to hold onto that which you have built, if it has not been built on the Solid rock of the revelation that there is a Saviour who has paid the price for souls and redeemed lives from destruction and is the ONLY ONE worthy of all the praise and all the glory, it is coming down. It is coming down, thus saith the Lord!!


Check your foundations. Check your foundations that they be built correctly upon the true foundation of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ Himself being the CHIEF cornerstone, and if they are not built correctly, quickly then TEAR DOWN and ask God to help you build anew unto HIS NAME and HIS GLORY and not unto yourself or your own dreams or visions or ambitions!!


Let HIS vision be your vision, and don't build on any other foundation!! Work quickly to make things right in your spirit before God that you not be swept away by the winds and floods He is sending to blast away at the mountains of monuments to man and man's ministries in this hour! Hear the word of the Lord, and mark it. It is coming.


Don't grieve for Saul. There is a new king being prepared in the land who is a shepherd after My own heart, and He will lead MY people back to Me. I am raising up the spirit of David in a priesthood that loves Me, and loves the true law that I give at My mouth to cause My people to depart from all iniquity and uncleanness that they might ascend with pure hands and clean hearts up into the hill of the Lord, the hill of My holiness.


Oh, holy men of God, do not be fearful to preach the true word of God because you will save your own soul as well as the souls of those that hear you in your obedience to Me. I do have a remnant in the Land! I do have My holy servants in the land who have not yet bowed their knees to Baal!


Are you turned aside to Baal, or are you My servant? Get before God and search your heart, and answer the question! Are you MY servant, or are you the servant of Baal in covenant with that wicked Jezebel?


How can you tell? Are you more anxious to build a big ministry, or are you more anxious to take up Your Cross to follow Me so that you can lead MY people in the same direction?


Are you leading My flock that I have placed in your tender care in My direction, even though it be into a long night of travail and sweating great drops of blood in a garden and onto a cruel Cross so that they might truly know MY resurrection life, or are you leading them to another voice that lets them believe there is no sacrifice, no price to pay, no laying down the self-life, no cross in their service to Me?


Are you preaching the TRUE gospel, or an anti-Christ gospel that recognizes NOT that the sons who would come to glory must follow Me wholly?


Let the holy flocks of God, the sheep that know MY voice prove and test all things that there be true discernment and sensibility in My house! Away with the spirits of silly women who are as fawning and mesmerized and overly-enamored minions under the dominion of those ruling by the spirit of witchcraft. The spirit of witchcraft at the highest level in My Church IS that disobedient spirit at the highest levels of ministry where My servants are favoring obedience to Baal over obedience to Me, and making covenant with Jezebel!!


It's time for prophet and priest to search their hearts and cry out to God to inwardly discern and separate the operation of God from the operation of Baal. There is a cry and a groaning in the Spirit that the souls of the prophets be raked clean before God that the pure word of God can begin to flow as never before in preparation for His coming kingdom, where His servant, David, rules in all righteousness.


God has his Davids in the land who love His people, and have the same heart He does towards His people, and He is raising them up. Are you Saul, or are you David? Are you a prophet unto Baal, or a prophet of God?


There is time to discern what spirit you are of!! Get before God and DO IT, and don't spare to lay the axe to the root in your own life that you and your flocks might be spared now the judgments of God because what man and ministry does not send to the judgment hall in this hour will surely be judged of God with burnings and shakings as have never been experienced before this hour!


You can place your soul beneath the altars of the judgments of God, and plead for the blood of Jesus already shed to save you, but if you have stepped out from that altar in order to tread upon MY flock with spirits of rebellion and witchcraft working against Me and against My people know that I am surely coming to judge this wickedness.


I am not willing that ANY should perish! I am the God that wants NOTHING to be lost. I am the God that will gather the fragments that remain! To my sheep who have been fragmented and scattered by the spirits of witchcraft made by covenants with Jezebel, I say unto you, I WILL RESTORE and I AM raising David up in the land!!


Take courage and wait for My appearing through My Davids that I am now raising up to restore My flock. A remnant SHALL be saved, and My holiness SHALL be seen, and I will receive ALL the glory and the poor of My flock who truly love Me, and truly love MY word shall be established on a highway of holiness where the knowledge and revelation of My glory shall be perceived throughout the earth.


Hear the very serious word of the Lord, and heed its commands, and though all around you is turbulent in the whirlwinds of my floods and rains and winds that I am sending to restore the glory which has been stolen from My Son by the ambitions of men, yet shall it be well with YOU and YOUR HOUSE saith the Lord, if you will but take seriously the word of the Lord to search your hearts to see if the thief is lurking within you.


Drive him out, and give all the glory to God, and see My restoration and My good will and the advancement of My kingdom in your life and working through your ministry, and your covenants with witchcraft and the spirit of Jezebel shall be broken and utterly destroyed not to vex you again!


Thus saith the Lord!!


(See "The Devil’s Destroying My Church!" and "Is Jimmy Swaggart’s Wife ‘Frances’ Really Uncovered?" for more on the Jezebel spirit in the church today.)



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