Jeremiah 1:10
(3 Aspects Of Prophetic Worship)


     "See I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build and to plant" - Jeremiah 1:10 (KJV)

     The LORD is calling his prophets to "prophet-ic worship” in this last and most vital hour of His Church. Worship is a lifestyle, and every aspect of our lives should be directed by Him, so that in all that we do, we do to the glory of GOD (1 Corinthians 10:31).

     He has revealed to me 3 aspects of how prophetic worship is exercised in the lives of His prophets. They are as follows:

     The 1st is the word of God exposing "sinful flesh" in the Church (usually dealing with an individual), presenting the person with an opportunity to deal with his sin (disobedience). That "prophet-ic" word spoken is "judgment" (justice) upon sin in the person's life. That is, when the word is received (acted upon), it works to eradicate an area of sinful flesh, replacing it with the Holy Spirit. This is the sanctification process. When the word is rejected, it is judgment (justice) in that it judges them to be yet evil, because the sanctification “clean up” job was not embraced through their obedience and the sinful flesh therefore remains. The only good choice is repent and be transformed from sinful flesh to the Spirit of God, through the Word that was spoken. (See "Tribulation Horror Show" on the homepage.)

     The 2nd aspect of Jeremiah 1:10 is that the word spoken "tears down”: it “judges” sinful flesh in the person speaking the God-ordained word! The prophet - or saint - is being "judged" at the same time - a very good reason why we must practice what we preach (this double effect from the "two-edged sword" can be seen in the Scripture, "...He shall save a soul from death, as the hearer hearkens to the word, and shall hide a multitude of sins” (James 5:19-20), as the speaker and deliverer of the word hearkens and submits to the same word from God. Amen.

     The 3rd aspect of Jeremiah 1:10 - that comes as a pleasure - is "prophetic worship" that tears down the works of the principalities, as demonstrated with the prophet Daniel and the prince of Persia in the Book of Daniel chapter 10. And the worship and praises of God also work to alleviate the "blues", or the heaviness and discouragement that we often must resist that comes through trials, circumstances, or feelings of loneliness. This kind of worship is described as the word of God put to melody (music) - "prophetic worship". Again, worship is a lifestyle - every aspect of our lives is meant to be worship unto God.

     So there it is, Jeremiah 1:10 & "prophetic worship". For more of GOD's word on the necessity of a walk of obedience with GOD through "walking in the Spirit" and "hearing and obeying", see the sermonet entitled, "You've Asked A Hard Thing, LORD! (The #19)", on our homepage. Be blessed, as you seek to be led of the Spirit, and honor the Lord Jesus in all your ways.

     Alan Richardson



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