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Son Pointe Church, El Paso, Texas


"He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil." (1 John 3:8 KJV)


     Pastor Bob, after seeking the LORD for a way to get you information on the subject of current church growth movement that is sweeping through the churches of America and nations of the world, He had me to give you an audio cassette tape just after a Son Pointe service in 2005. The tape contains information on best selling church growth authors Peter Wagner, John Maxwell, and Rick Warren, to name a few. These growth "gurus" - which is appropriate title for them, as they are abominable New Age and Ecumenical (One World Religion) leaders and teachers – and are "wolves in sheep's clothing", and have built a "tower of Babel". These are the words that the LORD gave me to describe the character of these proponents of church growth. They are not interested in following Jesus Christ and seeing disciples of Christ grow in grace, but in promoting programs that endeavor to build church membership, for the lustful purpose money, power, and control of populations. They are not interested in the Word of Almighty GOD, but in devouring widow's houses - poisoning the unsuspecting and undiscerning children of GOD. These are lustful endeavors that are not of GOD.

     Bob, you have joined them in building a shrine to Satan. And are presently putting your cell group leaders to the same abominable task. You are an anointed, seasoned leader in the Body of Christ, and you must repent of associating with these evil men, and turn your heart to the LORD in all humility and submission to His purpose for your and those under your influence.

     During the only phone conversation that I had with you, which was in May of last year, I spoke to you "suffering", and of being of a carnal mind or a spiritual mind. And as you reject and oppose these unGODly growth models and methods, you experience suffering for the Word of GOD and name of Jesus - that which you are called to do. For “Yea, all who will live Godly in Christ Jesus [in the anointing of the Spirit, and in obedience to the Holy Spirit] shall suffer persecution” – 2 Timothy 3:12 (KJV).

     The LORD ministered a message to me a recent Sunday morning, during Son Point church service time. And that is that we must depend solely on the Holy Spirit: Hungering and thirsting for Him to lead our lives and move in our hearts and in our church services. That He will lead us and guide us in all that we say and say and do. This was the way of the Master, the way the LORD Jesus Christ ministered when He walked the earth. By the Spirit. Being “spiritually minded”, as we allow the Spirit of God to direct our steps in life and ministry (Romans 8:5-6). Spirit of GOD, alone, who is our source for the Word of GOD. And it took Jesus' precious Blood for us to continue to receive the Word of GOD, through His Spirit that now wants to dwell with us and in us.

     We the called of GOD to be shepherds and leaders of His flock are going to be held responsible and shall give an answer to how we fed and cared for GOD's sheep. This is a very solemn calling, a matter to be lightly, but with fear and trembling.

     In the Master's service,

     Brother Alan Richardson



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